Mess+Noise album review: Hits – ‘Living With You Is Killing Me’, May 2010

An album review for Mess+Noise.

Hits - 'Living With You Is Killing Me'HitsLiving With You Is Killing Me

Pay no attention to the cover, which overlays the band name in all-caps so the eye’s tricked into reading “shit” ad nauseum. Ignore the band name, for they have no hits. Though this is music born from the Sunshine State, its content is better suited to nighttime debauchery. Which is why a comparison between Brisbane five-piece Hits’ debut and Fun House is apt for two reasons: Hits once covered that Stooges classic in its entirety, and I’m loathe to use anyone other than Iggy Pop as the reference point for frontman Evil Dick’s throaty, whiskey-tinged holler.

This is a big, dumb rock record done well. It sees the band offset masculine overtones by placing guitars in the hands of two capable women – Butcher Birds’ Stacey Coleman and former Gazoonga Attack member Tamara Bell – who double as back-up singers at opportune moments as well. Take the opener, ‘Fuck The Needy’, for example, where the pair erupt with an unexpected, hair-raising call of, “Nothing succeeds like success!”

Full review on Mess+Noise. Check out the band on MySpace. They’re good.

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