In March 2014 I started Dispatches, a weekly newsletter about my three passions: writing, reading and listening. A screenshot of the first dispatch, Bikies, suicide contagion and drug wars, is included below.

'Dispatches #1: Bikies, suicide contagion and drug wars', a weekly email newsletter by Australian freelance journalist Andrew McMillen

I named it after one of my favourite books: Michael Herr’s classic ‘new journalism’ narrative, first published in 1977, which placed the author near the centre of the Vietnam War while reporting for Esquire. I first read it in March 2012 and even writing about it here is almost enough to send me running to my bookshelf to tear through it again. Herr has a remarkable command of language. Clearly, Dispatches comes highly recommended.

The newsletter format will no doubt change over time, but for now I’ve split it into thirds:

Words – highlighting my newly published writing, when applicable
Sounds – music and podcast recommendations
Reads – a selection of the best longform journalism and books I read in the past week

If you like any of those three things, you might consider subscribing via TinyLetter here. If, like me, you spend too many hours each week immersed in your inbox, you can ‘try before you buy’ by viewing an archive of past mailouts here and deciding whether it’s worth your time. I hope it is.

Welcome to Dispatches.