Optus: The Problem With Making Promises

While digging around for a place to recharge my pre-paid mobile account within Optus‘ labyrinthe website, I was greeted with the below screen.

Click the image to view the page, which is live at time of writing.


The problem with making promises online is that you have to keep them.

Starting up a monthly email newsletter? Then make sure that it’s delivered monthly without fail. Or don’t specify a timeframe.

Building a new online service? Deliver it on time and remove all ‘under construction’ notes once it’s live. Or don’t specify a timeframe.

Failure to keep promises can result in a loss of trust, or  a loss of business. Good thing I wasn’t relying on that incomplete online service, huh?

Either keep your promises, or don’t make them.

Yeah, it’s a pain in the arse, but do it anyway. 

In Optus’ case, ensuring the validity of their web content would be an ongoing, full-time role.

But it’s worth it, because tiny overlooked details can be costly.

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  1. Glenn says:

    Awesome site redesign – glad to see that you are producing enough to warrant a more official site.

    That UIE article is amazing; I cannot even think how many times I have not bought something from an online retailer because registering or remembering a username and password is too much of an obstacle. More sites should realize this, because I highly doubt the info they could glean from a registered account is worth more than the purchase I would make.

    If companies like Optus can’t even be bothered to maintain their online presence, it makes me wonder where they will be in a couple of years. It’s more than just providing web content, it’s about making that web content as accessible and user-friendly as the services offered.

  2. Nathan Bush says:

    Great point mate – pretty funny that you had the Optus experience and I had the Foxtel one on the same day.


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