Mess+Noise EP review: Mr. Maps – ‘Nice Fights’, August 2010

An EP review for Mess+Noise.

Mr. Maps - Nice Fights EP coverMr. MapsNice Fights

Never a band to care for conventional wisdom or industry standards, Brisbane-based instrumental rock act Mr. Maps have limited this double A-side single – a teaser for their debut album, due later this year – to just 250 copies, and printed the cover on antique pianola paper to offer each payer a unique design. From the hammered-on clean guitar motif to the stomach-turning tempo changes and the subdued, cello-led midsection, the title track is immediately representative of the group’s vision and ability. ‘Nice Fights’ meanders organically, taking its time to unveil the beauty within.

The momentary pause toward the end of ‘Fly You Monumental Mistake’, however, is this EP’s dramatic apex. Everything before this point seems like padding for this money shot. In the one-second window that bucks the trend of streaming guitars and tumultuous drumming, Mr. Maps shine.

Full review at Mess+Noise, where you can also stream the track ‘Nice Fights’.

More Mr. Maps at MySpace. They’re great.

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