Mess+Noise album review: Nikko – ‘The Warm Side’, July 2010

An album review for Mess+Noise.

'The Warm Side' album cover by Brisbane band NikkoNikko The Warm Side

“More rock, fuck post-,” state Nikko on their MySpace page. Why, I’m not sure. I can think of several counterpoints to their refusal to position themselves as post-rock. One, they’re so firmly lodged within the genre – without hyperbole, they’re worthy of being listed alongside international greats like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky – that to describe them as anything else would be misleading. Two, there aren’t many national bands trying to stake a claim within these musical confines (aside from the recently decamped The Dead Sea and fellow Brisbane natives Castles Sunk Below The Sea). Third, since when is post-rock something to be ashamed of? Fourth and most importantly, they do it well.

The Warm Side is Nikko’s debut album, following their formation five years ago. Fittingly, these nine songs have been subject to a long gestation process: the recordings were completed in August 2009, whereafter the band shopped it to labels before finding a home with Sydney’s Tenzenmen (Scul Hazzards, Paint Your Golden Face). There are no corners cut here, and not a moment wasted.

Full review at Mess+Noise, where you can also stream the title track. More Nikko on their MySpace.

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