The Vine album review: The Boat People – ‘Dear Darkly’, July 2010

An album review for The Vine.

'Dear Darkly' album cover by Brisbane/Melbourne band The Boat PeopleThe Boat PeopleDear Darkly

Over three decades ago, a pair of aspiring Brisbane musicians set down two rules that they’d follow throughout their long partnership: they were to equally share the amount of songs that appeared on each album between themselves, and they’d never do anything without the other’s permission. That pair was Robert Forster and Grant McLennan, who founded seminal pop band The Go-Betweens in 1978. In 2010, whether conscious or not, another pair of Brisbane pop writers – James O’Brien and Robin Waters – have tapped into this same ethos for their band The Boat People’s third album, Dear Darkly. Like every Go-Betweens album, they touch upon romance and melancholy in equal measure. And like every Go-Betweens album, Dear Darkly consistently errs on the side of greatness.

Augmented by guitarist Charles Dugan and drummer Tony Garrett, the duo each author six songs on an album that exhibits the best work of their decade-long career. Though their last LP, 2008’s Chandeliers, was subject to a three-year gestation process, they’ve opted to work faster this time around. The result is their most eclectic collection to date.

Full review at The Vine. More Boat People on their MySpace. Music video for ‘Soporific‘ is embedded below.

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  1. daz says:

    Good review. Yes, ethos wise the record taps into that McClennan / Forster dynamic. But sound wise? I think it might be more wide ranging. The Triffids, Ganggajang and all those other Australian bands of the 80s. Yes, even ICEHOUSE.

  2. daz says:

    I mean McLennan. Shameface.


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