Mess+Noise Mid-Year Report 2010: my top five

Mess+Noise asked their critics to pick their top five Australian releases so far this year. I chose these:

Mess+Noise: An Australian music websiteThe Gin Club
Deathwish (LP, Plus One Records)
With nine songwriters in the mix across the genres of rock, folk and pop, The Gin Club’s fourth full-length could easily have fallen victim to too-many-cooks syndrome. It didn’t. Instead, it’s one of the best Australian albums of recent memory.
Read Andrew’s review here.

An Outpost Of Promise (LP, Plus One Records)
This Brisbane alt-country act contain as many members as The Gin Club, but on this release, the songwriting of core duo John Busby and Chris Dale is informed by the direction of Go-Betweens co-founder (turned album producer) Robert Forster. The result is 10 finely-honed songs that bear a homely, barroom feel.
Read Andrew’s review here.

The Warm Side (LP, Tenzenmen)
Another Brisbane band – swear I’m not biased. Post-rock with vocals done well.
Read Andrew’s review here.

Faux Pas
Noiseworks (LP, Sensory Projects/Heroics)
Outrageous, otherworldly electronic pop written in a Melbourne bedroom. An outstanding debut.

Foreign Tapes (LP, Dot Dash/Remote Control)
This one was overwhelmingly dense upon first listen, and took a few listens to reveal its genius. Unconventional pop songs dressed up in the always-awkward “art rock” tag. I’m glad I gave it time. You should too.

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What are your top five Australian releases of 2010 so far?

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  1. daz says:

    I read!

    Mine are: Otouto – Pip, Bank Holidays – Sail Becomes Kite, Boat People – Dear Darkly, Tame Impala – Innerspeaker, Richard in Your Mind – My Volcano

    In your list, I’ve ever listened to the Gin Club one. I’m not 100% sold on it, but then again, I generally am not a fan of the group. Amazingly, I’ve never seen them play live, which I believe perhaps might make my assessment change.

    Still, I bought it on the strength of you and ET review – some nice songs but …ahh I don’t know, it doesn’t grab me in the way some of the records I’ve listed to do Obviously then, I don’t agree with it as “one of the best Australian records of recent memory.” But hey, we’re all allowed to disagree sometime. I’ll let it ferment in my mind for a bit longer.

  2. Dude, The Boat People and Richard In Your Mind were both released in July! All of mine were released between January-June. You’re cheating!

  3. daz says:

    Yeah I know. But you said 2010 ‘so far’ so I can get away with it.


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