Rolling Stone story outtake: The Temper Trap

A conversation with Lorenzo Sillitto [pictured below right], The Temper Trap‘s guitarist, for my fan-sourcing music videos story.

Lorenzo Sillitto, The Temper Trap guitaristHow did the partnership with Genero.TV originate? Was it through your label, or otherwise?

The partnership with Genero came about by coincidence really. We had done a few videos which we weren’t really happy with and that had cost a bit of money, and we were a little fed up with the whole process. So as an alternative we wanted to see if we could hold some type of competition on our MySpace or the like to see if fans or would be film makers would be interested in making a video for one of our songs. Then coincidentally we were playing a small showcase gig in Melbourne and our manager Tom introduced me to the guys at Genero, which was quite out of the blue as they were putting together the resources that we were desiring, so that’s how the partnership started.

Which element of the ‘fan-sourcing music videos’ concept appealed to you?

All of it, I think it is a really good way to get your fans involved in something tangible that the band is doing, it allows them to feel a part of the process. It also gives the band a few options when it comes to selecting video. It is also really good creatively, because you are going to get a set of completely different concepts.

Do you view this as just a way for you to save cash on video production, or was there a more profound reasoning behind the decision?

I think this process is great in getting fans involved and even young aspiring video makers and it gives them the opportunity to work with artists which they may not have otherwise been able to work with. It is also advantageous to us as it gives us more options when it comes to selecting a video. Radiohead have been involved in this type of thing before and have had great results. And I guess saving money is good also as videos can often cost a small fortune. This is not to say that we wouldn’t pay the creator if we selected a video that we liked and we would use.

Any concerns about this method of video production arise before you agreed to partner with Genero?

There is always going to be a little trepidation going into an exercise like this, such as:will people make a video? Will any good ideas come out of this? Will we get a bunch of young boys or girls jumping on their beds singing one of our songs? But generally you are always going to have concerns with the final product, it doesn’t matter whether it is with novice or a big-time director.

Why did you lend ‘Love Lost‘ to Genero?

The Temper Trap: house of cardsThe reason was that this is probably going to be the next song that we hope makes to radio, and we wanted to have a clip to go with it.

Do you think that fan-sourcing the creative content of music videos devalues the music video medium?

I don’t think so. there are so many bad film clips out there these days that I think the video medium is already devalued. If anything, I think this could possibly spice up the market as people in the industry are looking for different avenues to connect with the audience, and getting them involved creatively is a great place to start. Some of my favourite videos have either been done by friends of the the bands or people who said “I really love the song” and made a clip for it.

There is no better way to represent your band than through passionate fans and people around you. I’m looking forward to seeing the entries and what ideas they have come up with…

Check out fans’ music video creations for ‘Love Lost’ on Genero.TV. A video for The Temper Trap‘s song ‘Sweet Disposition’ is embedded below.

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  1. fee says:


    If your a fan of this band you must be mentally retarded.

    Cant you see or hear that its a load of corporate record hype and like suckers your all being taken for a ride.

    I have never heard a band rip off so many other talented artist.

    0 out 10


  2. lee says:

    Come on. Berating people for their preferences?

    There are a lot of said “corporate” bands, and yes people take a ride to escape and or feel their chosen music. Does that make them suckers?

    Examples of mentioned artists?

    8/10 (Because I like the way this band gives me sound waves)


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