Know, II

I just re-read this post, ‘Know‘, that I wrote nearly a year ago.

I don’t know much. But I’m not comfortable with that. Which is why I endeavour to know more every day.

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing if you’re honest with yourself and others. Not knowing should not cause embarrassment. Not knowing should be reframed as an opportunity to learn a new skill or new information.

I’m thinking about what’s occurred since that entry; the new information that I’ve taken on board and the progress I’ve made.

At the time, I was a couple of months into my first office job. I threw myself into that opportunity with fervent passion for several months. I was focussed on the idea of the career, of being the person I believed I should be. And I think about how that belief has changed since that post.

It’s also interesting to step back and realise how singularly influenced I was by Ryan Holiday. I still treasure his writing, for sure, but now I’ve a wider base of influences with which to assure myself in times of doubt.

And these times occur, much as it pains me to admit it, both to myself and my audience. I wonder when the seed of that desire to hide perceived weakness was planted.

Sometimes I feel the weight of so many people – and, as a writer, words – that’ve come before me, and I wonder what I’m doing. I’m occasionally struck by the arrogance attached to the desire to tell stories. And I wonder if that desire is artificial within me, since it tends to come and go.

What’s changed since ‘Know‘? A new home, many new friends, a mentor, and several interrelated opportunities upon which to build a platform for myself, as a writer. This time last year, I wrote for Rave Magazine and Now, scratch FL, and add Mess+Noise, FourThousand, and The Music Network.

Add to that ongoing work for Nick‘s Native Digital, and attempting to manage the affairs of one of my favourite musical artists. And last week I met and interviewed one of my favourite writers. Yes, the interview will appear on here eventually.

See, listing my current interests – which largely, happily combine the dual-cliché of business and pleasure – it’s a wonder that I’m ever at a loose end. And in reality, I’m not. So why aren’t I researching the next great Mess+Noise feature? Why aren’t I further forging Native’s name as a media innovation partner? Why aren’t I putting into practice the modern marketing and promotion tactics that I read about every day?

I wish I had some pithy, smart-ass sentence here to answer my own questions. But the reality is that I’m crippled by inertia far too often for my own good, and it sucks. It sucks the most when I’m feel like I’m letting myself down due to my inactivity.

This would be the part where I’d publicly state my goals, but right now, I’m struggling to figure out where to begin.

Thanks for reading. I’m out-of-sorts with this entry, I know. I might owe that to recent dental surgery, but maybe I was just looking for a way to tell you what I’ve been up to since my last entry.

Hold me accountable, won’t you?

Comments? Below.
  1. Darragh says:

    Andrew, I don’t think you’re alone when it comes to being crippled by inertia. I know I feel it all the time – when I’m trying to write. Usually this feelings seems to revolve around my academic work but affects my hobbies, such as songwriting, music and blogging.

    I don’t think anyone can operate at 100% efficiency all the time, so you shouldn’t feel bad about occasionally being inactive. I think that simply being aware of such weights, as evidenced by your post, is a great way of getting out of the doldrums.

  2. unknown says:

    Good to see you’ve moved on from fruit tree’s.

    You should know, the desire never leaves you but perhaps it will plateau after some time.


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