The Vine album review: The Optimen – ‘The Out Of Money Experience’, May 2010

Brisbane hip-hop crew The OptimenAn album review for The Vine.

The Optimen – The Out Of Money Experience

I tend to let most Australian hip-hop go through to the keeper. Not through a particular aversion to the genre, but because when I wrap my ears around a hip-hop release, I want to be inspired. Motivated. Energised. Put simply, I want to hear something great. Which is why I paid attention when I saw that The Optimen had a new release due. Their first album, Boomtown – a term of endearment for their native city of Brisbane – was a class act. It stayed with me throughout the entirety of 2005; five years later, it remains a stellar effort. And though The Optimen did produce beats and record a couple of songs for some of their labelmates’ best work on 2007’s Red Tape Renegade Vol 1, this is Boomtown‘s true successor.

Full review at The Vine. If you have any interest in Australian hip-hop, check out The Optimen on MySpace.

It’s true that I don’t pay Australian hip-hop too much attention. If you’re involved with a hip-hop act, drop me a line to try and convince me.

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