My 2008 Hottest 100 votes

The Hottest 100 is an annual poll conducted by Australian radio station Triple J. It’s the largest music poll in the world, and while I’m not disillusioned enough to believe that my input will affect the results (how’s it feel to be on top, Kings Of Leon, Presets and MGMT?), there’s still a tiny sense of self-satisfaction to be gained by voting for ten songs that enlightened my year.

Video links included where possible, else MySpace.

Pivot – O Soundtrack My Heart

Those Dancing Days – Hitten

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

Mary Trembles – Tiargo

The John Steel Singers – Evolution

The Drones – The Minotaur

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Cut Copy – Out There On The Ice

Firekites – Last Ships

Crystal Castles – Air War

Note that these are tracks were released in 2008 and appeared in the voting list. And unlike previous years, Triple J didn’t output a list of my votes in the auto-generated confirmation email, so I had to re-compile the above list from memory. 

More accurately, the songs I listened to most in 2008 are as follows:


Comments? Below.
  1. Stuart says:

    I’m a pretty big Sonic Youth fan, and you have listened to ONE SONG by them more than ALL THE SONGS I have listened to by Sonic Youth this year on!

  2. tallrussian says:

    I didn’t know Mary Trembles were that big…

  3. Stephen says:

    I’ve consistently found that what I listen to is heavily dependent on what’s touring at the time, and what I’m reviewing. In that sense, it’s not a real guide to my favourite tracks at all. We don’t really overlap much, fwiw, except with Nick Cave.

    Gin Club, The – Ten Paces Away
    Grates, The – Burn Bridges
    An Horse – Warm Hands
    Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook
    Texas Tea – The Ferry Song
    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – We Call Upon The Author To Explain
    Violent Soho – Scrape It
    Ladytron – Black Cat
    The Kills – Black Balloon
    Spiritualized – Death Take Your Fiddle

    Five of those are Brisbane acts. Six are Australian (if you count NC as an Aussie these days). I really cannot believe Texas Tea is not in the Triple J list — Kingsmill is a cunt and Justin is right about the Js being a Sydney-centric circle jerk.

    Spiritualized made it in at the very last moment, I bought that CD last week. None of my picks will make the top 10…


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