Rock And Roll

As an ardent fan of rock music far above any other genre, these videos send shivers up and down my spine and bring tears to my eyes.

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin playing Rock And Roll and Ramble On with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters at their Wembley show on June 7.

Monumental. I can’t imagine the elation Grohl (and, to a lesser extent, Hawkins) was feeling at the time. Onstage with two living legends. Idols. Grohl has been one of the most vocal proponents of a worldwide Zeppelin reunion tour. He put his hand up to drum for them if that tour was to take place.

It looks like it’s going to.

Led Zep guitar legend Jimmy Page has confirmed that there will be more Zeppelin shows… Page suggested that the Led Zeppelin tour won’t happen until the second half of 2009.

It’s the news that we’ve been waiting for since the initial reformation last December.

Returning to the videos linked – the best available at the time of writing, though superior versions will surely appear: Hawkins performed admirably. He’s got a deeper voice than Plant, but he pulled off those distinctive wails. Grohl was less appropriate as a vocalist – he was understandably emotional and got carried away with his signature growls – but I don’t blame the guy one bit.

He got to play drums and sing before 86,000 people with half of the greatest rock band the world has seen.

That’s beyond cool, or any other adjective.

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