Instant Gratification

There is nothing on the internet more immediately satisfying than a brief, easily digestible slice of content that appeals to your sense of humour. You can sit back and stew on wellwritten Wikipedia articles. You can invest time writing thought-provoking entries on your blog. You can partake in meaningful entrepreneurial discussion.

Or you can create a ridiculous image that results in uncontrollable laughter. This is the latest I’ve seen. Instant gratification.

FailDogs is a recent emergent player in the field of instant gratification internet content. The site consists entirely of dogs photographed in amusing poses, accompanied by the word FAIL inconspicuously plastered onto the image. The site’s run by Ryan Holiday, who I linked above. There’s no advertisements. The only content is photos of dogs failing. It’s hilarious, and instantly gratifying.

There exists a huge market for light entertainment online. Much of it is sporadically distributed across the web, as in the Locke / Slowpoke example above. Repositories containing extensive collections of these small slices of content have become profitable since the idea was first conceived – by whom, I’m not certain. If you know, let me know.

In many situations, there will exist opportunities where instant gratification is a viable outcome. Discretion is key.

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  1. Ryan Holiday says:

    Good post. I’ll subscribe.


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