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  • My World Tour entry: my music journalism so far

    My World Tour logoUniversal Music announced a competition called My World Tour in October 2009.

    The job

    Ever dreamed of travelling the world, visiting all the hottest music festivals and gigs and getting up close and personal with artists and bands backstage? Do you want to spend some time next year working for one of the biggest music labels on the planet? Are you ready to fight for a chance to have your peers vote you into the job? We thought so!

    We’re on the hunt for two passionate, talented and music-obsessed individuals to become the faces of My World Tour globally!

    Could this be the best job in the world?

    • travelling to 11 of the hottest music festivals around the world;
    • interviewing artists and bands backstage;
    • recording all the amazing experiences and reporting back to via videos, blogs, photos, social networking tools and other multimedia.

    I entered.

    To assist with my entry, I went back over my music journalism career so far to find the best material for submission, beginning with my first review in June 2007: Karnivool live at The Zoo, for FasterLouder. My live review tally currently stands at 133; over one a week, on average.

    I didn’t read everything music-related I’ve ever written, as so much of the early stuff is painful and hackneyed. But I’m still proud of my 1,800 words on the Pig City festival at the University of Queensland in July 2007, which remains a reasonably strong piece.. despite my now-apparent naivety regarding the bands who played and their place within Brisbane’s musical history.

    Other live review favourites:

    Despite the trend displayed on this blog, I’ve still only had a couple of music-related interviews published: Screamfeeder and I Heart Hiroshima, both for Mess+Noise in 2009.

    The other major component of my entry was my experience blogging for One Movement Word, which I’ve not discussed much here just yet. An overview of that is here and here.

    The My World Tour entry is here. Please criticise me as you see fit.