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    While writing about the new architecture of news, I came across Upendra Shardanand’s blog.

    I found his writing on the subject enlightening and enjoyable. I went to subscribe, but there was no subscribe link.

    I went to email him about this omission, but there was no content in his about section.

    His blog linked to his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, though. The latter reveals that he’s worked for AOL Time Warner and Microsoft. He’s the founder and CEO of Daylife.

    My initial goal was to subscribe to his blog. Though he didn’t assist with this process, my goal was easily achieved through manual entry into my reader. That’s not my point.

    If you’ve got a captive and willing audience, why make them jump through a bunch of hoops to achieve their desired outcome?

    Conversation and interaction are achieved through making these two outcomes easily achievable by your audience. I desire both, which is why my contact details and subscription link are immediately visible to visitors.

    Of course, Upendra might have chosen to omit these outcomes. If that’s the case, I’d like to know why he’s opposed to openness.