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  • Public Relations: Unnecessary Distortion

    This Mumbrella article “translates” a ridiculously overwritten Starcom MediaVest Group press release. Excerpt:

    Operating outside of the rush of the day to day, but integrated within SMG, the team focuses on using the human condition as a compass for delivering ‘best-in-class’ communications.  Its key obsession is understanding where brands live, and seek to live, within the web-like relationships that exist with consumers and their environment.

    Fuck off. What’s the point?

    Both the writer – probably an eager-to-please junior or intern – and the wider company knew that they were lying, or at least, stretching words far beyond their practical, meaningful application.

    Already, the press release – which was likely the result of several hours’ work and several minds’ input – is being lampooned within the advertising community for its doublespeak, and for blurring the edges between reality and marketing.

    It happens everywhere. That’s the whole premise behind public relations – a constant, concerted attempt to shape our opinions and perceptions.

    An entire industry founded on unnecessary distortion. Unnecessary to me, because I value honesty more than cleverly-written releases that mean approximately zero in the grand strategy.

    So, what’s the point?

    Who’s impressed by superfluous press releases, anymore?

    I’m all for receiving information from sources I care about – companies, individuals, brands, bands – but if overblown press releases are just a waste of everyone’s time, then why the fuck does the industry survive?

  • Brand Memory

    I received an email newsletter from RHUM events & media, which directed me to their site.

    They had some good content that I wanted to follow. But at the time, they didn’t have any RSS subscription feature enabled.

    I emailed on December 9 suggesting its inclusion.

    A timely personal response:

    Yes absolutely, it’s on my mile long to do list don’t you worry. We will send out a subscriber notification and email when this function has been activated.

    Kind Regards,

    Nick Hutchins
    Group Operations Manager
    Rabbit Hole Urban Music events & media

    And then, on February 4, an unexpected personal response:

    Hi Andrew,

    Just wanted to let you know that RHUM has now released RSS feed capabilities to, content applications and content applications.

    Sorry about the wait for that and thanks for your patience as we sorted out some technical glitches preventing earlier release.

    Kind Regards,

    RHUM Admin
    Rabbit Hole Urban Music events & media

    In an era of diminishing attention spans, brand memory is crucial. If you remember me, I’ll remember you.

    Easy, right? So why am I still surprised that a company cared enough to follow-up my cursory feedback, six months later?