Rolling Stone story outtake: Bridezilla

A conversation with Pia May Courtley, guitarist in Sydney rock band Bridezilla, for my fan-sourcing music videos story.

Sydney rock band BridezillaPia, how did the partnership with Genero.TV originate?

Through our label (Inertia). I’m not sure if Genero approached our label or vise versa. Either way – someone approached someone and here we are now!

Which element of the ‘fan-sourcing music videos’ concept appealed to you?

I like the idea that there’s a bit of a role-reversal between bands and their fans. As a musician it’s refreshing to engage with new people on a creative level – a charming change from the producer/consumer relationship.

Do you view this as just a way for you to save cash on video production, or was there a more profound reasoning behind the decision?

I guess the cash thing maybe plays a minor role but moreso, for us, it’s about potentially coming across ideas we would have never thought of ourselves.

Any concerns about this method of video production arise before you agreed to partner with Genero?

There is an element of risk involved. But like a first date or foreign food…you never know until you try…

Why did you lend that particular song to Genero?

‘Beaches’ is our current single, or first single and the only song from our record to be released so far.

Do you think that fan-sourcing the creative content of music videos devalues the music video medium?

Not really. There’s lots of young people out there with great ideas making viral videos anyway. And if anything these people don’t have rules as to what sells so their ideas end up being more genuine.

More of the band on MySpace. Check out fans’ music video creations for ‘Beaches’ on Genero.TV. A live recording of ‘Brown Paper Bag’ at All Tomorrow’s Parties New York 2009 is embedded below.

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